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On the top of Morro Dois Irmaos, I tried to show something simple as a visual experiment with a picture of bikes attached in a rope. A sustainable vehicle, a simple way of exhibition and a very natural place.

Despite the crazy days for the Olympics, street cleaning personnel worked hard near the Olympic stadium, and maybe not allowed to enjoy the competitions at all. A good moment to take a breathe and to look at the camera. They deserved a good picture.

A boy wearing a soccer t shirt watches a cycling competition in the streets beside Copacabana Beach. In a land used to enjoy football soccer, people can be amazed by different sports in a city that sorted out many troubles.

People enjoying in Porto Maravilha, in the renewed part of the Rio port. Kids and young did not miss the chance to walk on the big blocks. Energy and curiosity of doing that prevailed.

In the Copacabana beach everybody meets and play a game. There are few places like this where boundaries dissapear. The happiest people are kids and they dream about being cracks.

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