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Salvador de Bahia

Irena Tischenko

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01 'Looking for the miracle'. Shoot taken the week before president election '14 in Brazil at the one of the cheapest marketplace at the city. Roofed trade cabin with dresses is a top of prestige a lot of Brazilians may have.
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02 ‘Girls’. Girls playing near highway after school. It’s pretty rare to see a kids with a normal weight in Brazil, usually they are poor families. Nearly half (48.5 percent) of the Brazilian population was overweight as of 2011.
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03 'Sunset'. Every evening boys go the rock to catch some seafood for dinner
04 'A bird from a bottle-covers'. Chain-link net around the school contents piece of art, making from the plastic tops of bottles. It's dangerous to be a school kid in Brasil – same reason the urban-transport-pass require a kid` fingerprint – to prevent stealing.
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05 ‘Salvador Business Barrio’. Brazilians don’t take close an idea of being serious. Also it’s about business district architecture.

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