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Sharing the Essence of India’s Children

Priyanka Surio

Two sisters and their brother are out shopping in the local market. The younger sister is unabashed and talkative, her older sister shy, but with a coy smile playing about her mouth. Their brother is captivated by the man selling coconuts.
This young boy's eagerness to learn resulted in his arrival at the school first, with younger brother in tow and pencil/paper in hand.
Girls just want to have fun. These girls spontaneity, curiosity, and carefree nature is captured effortlessly in their body language.
Strength manifests itself in coy confidence. This girl represents one of many who were rescued from child labor and sex trafficking. Her strength is enormous as she still represents a beautiful innocence in her nature.
The pride of a young Indian boy in growing his own crop and selling it to his community at the local market is immeasurable as he explains in great detail the process by which he cultivated his crop.

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