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Small time for big details.

Manuel Eduardo Gonzalez Ramos

Reach the sky being humble – Sometimes we wander in life looking for perfection in ourselves, trying to pursuit some of the things that we want instead of those that we need. A travel can show us so many lessons, being humble are one of the things.
Old bottle, new tripod – I didn’t like the photo that one waiter took me because it was blurry and the place was so empty, then saw one empty cola bottle, two napkins, I set my camera and the rest is history. Creativity is all that you need.
More can be less – I was so surprised by the size of it! But the truth is that it was very empty.
Secondary but not less awesome – I went to Batu caves in Kuala Lumpur, this is one of the famous places in Malaysia and you can see a lot of photos of the main cave but you don’t see so many photos for the other places nearby, I didn’t have much time to go to other places but one guy from Norway told me to go to the “other caves” (Ramayana caves) so I decided to go… For me the surprise was that the place automatically became my favorite one, it was really amazing. Sometimes we don’t see other details, other options or other places just to follow a plan or what is popular, but the important fact is to discover, to try and to have an own opinion about the things.
Keep walking, you’ll find it – I was looking this temple that is located outside the city center, I was walking for a long time and the sun was very strong and I really wanted to take a cab back to my hostel, but I decided to keep walking and walking until I found it. After some hours I found the place and for my surprise the place was crowded and they had a cultural event… It was a really good place and the most important thing was that I never gave up.

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