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Tanzania Smiles

Danielle Rennard

After teaching my students about the concept of "peace" the class clown, Deborah/6-years-old, wanted her photograph taken while doing the "peace sign." Her classmates Elia, Yesaya, & Gil decided to join in on the fun as I was snapping the photograph.
Daniel just recently returned back to school after having to leave for 2 years since his parents could not pay the annually $5USD fee. When I asked him how he felt about being back he said: "Teacher you spell your name wrong. It's spelt D-A-N-I-E-L."
Local teachers did not understand why special needs children didn't learn the same as others. This is Faith who's Autistic & was described to me as "hopeless." But, to me she is a inspirational little girl & this is, as she says, her "sassy face."
This is Elia, & both his parents died last year from HIV. Despite these losses he is one of the most grateful 7-year-olds I have ever met who came to school each day eager to learn to make his grandma proud. Here he is showing off his porridge mustache.
Students receive 1 uniform for the 4 years that they attend school. Often, they get torn & very dirty from being worn 5-days-a-week every single week. Here is Godlisten wearing her new sweater that a volunteer bought for her to replace her soiled uniform sweater.

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