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The Culture and People of Peru

Alanna Shipley

While in Peru it is it is almost manditory to visite the World UNESCO Heritage Site of Machu Picchu. It is more beautiful the I could have ever imagined!
Down a long dirt road was a very ancient cemetery containg a number of mummies. The long hair was to signify their importance in their society.
The Spanish influence in Peru's major cities is quite strong. It can be observed within their architecture, culture, food and language as well. This photograph is of the inside of a spanish monestory in Cuzco Peru.
While in the cities, young girls had come down from the mountains with their pet llamas to make some extra money for their family, or for school supplies. They still speak the original Incan language of Quechua and wear their traditonal clothing.
While visiting a textile factory we were able to observe the tradional meathods used to clean, dye and thread the llama hair. The girls working within the facility were making beautiful scarves and blankets.

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