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The houses of Mylapore

Priyanka Karunan

An agraharam, the traditional home of a Brahmin. Mylapore is a predominantly temple city and most of the old houses are agraharams with a front portico and an open central courtyard with a basil tree in the middle.
Many older buildings in Mylapore are places of business like this diamond setter. However, with waves of change and modernization, he was forced to abandon this building and move out in search of a spacious set up.
The agraharams were succeeded by the Art deco type of construction with the arrival of the British. These houses had geometric straight lines highlighting the doors and windows which later became more expressive with geometric ornamentation.
Mylapore is a treasure trove of heritage. TUCS ltd. is more than a hundred years old now and this building served as their base of operations back then. Today the building lies in ruins with the current tenants beings vines and creepers.
Houses in Mylapore are characterized by small passageways and cramped rooms, primarily due to the lack of space. Generations of families continue to live here even today.

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