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The life of Estrada Real and away from the carnival – Feb 15

Silvio Furukawa

The people of Minas Gerais is historically religious and it is very common to find old churches on the way. This photo was taken remotely with a GoPro mounted on a stand.
O transportador de galinhas
On the second day of my journey I followed some steps of mister José Carlos, a chicken farmer taking his goods to his clients.
Vida simples
Pedaling, resting, and walking. The original idea of the composition was the bicycle in the landscape. When I noticed the approach of some people, I waited several minutes until this scenario is formed.
Two little birds resting on post
Couple of macaws resting on top of an old electric pole. In a small village surrounded by vast vegetation it is easy to find wild birds interacting with the structure of the city.
Fond of old church
An imposing Catholic church from the empire era. Beautiful architecture to be preserved and appreciated.

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