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The Rabari’s of Rajasthan

D Sunil Maria Andrews Andrews

Born with Camel. Rabari's is a tribe found in western Rajasthan involved in the trading of camel. Every year thousands of Rabari's gather at Pushkar for selling and buying of camel. Making the gathering the largest in the world.
Breaking the camel is the common sight during the fair. Because most of the camel have not seen so many other camels and people and trading is actually difficult for them too.
During the 10days of fair, the government organise lot of camel activities like camel dance, camel race etc for the visitors.
The Rabari's travel with their families too. India as a country still follows the customs of head covering. So post the marriage the women has to cover their head n face and she can remove it only in front of her husband and maternal family.
Pushkar is also know for its lake. The lake and ghats have a strong reference in Hinduism.

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