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The Spiritual World of Japan

Cory Varga

Omikuji are fortune telling paper telling strips which can be found at temples and shrine in Japan. Should you receive a bad fortune, leave your omikuji behind for the Gods to take care of it.
Beyond sturdy wooden gates, you can always enter the secret spiritual world which awaits to be discovered. There are many hidden temples in Kyoto, off the beaten path.
Spirituality is the core of the Japanese way of life and there is always a warm light, in every house, no matter how big or small.
In Japan, the foxes (kitsune) represent messengers for the God Inari. Be good, and good things will follow.
Fūjin is the Japanese wind God and one of the eldest Shinto Gods. In certain regions of Japan, it is believed that Fūjin is a protector, as he devastated Mongol fleets as they tried to invade Japan in the 13th century.

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