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The story about Gelendzhik

Sergei Nefedov

Gelendzhik – it's an amazing place, where the mountains bordering the sea. The name of the town can be translated as the city of the sun. On this photo you can see how the sun illuminates the tops of the mountains, beyond which lies the city.
Gelendzhik has a lot of sunny days per year. But not all the people have ability go up to the mountains and see amazing sunrises or sunsets, so I wanted to show them this beauty.
The mountains create a unique microclimate in the city, often holding back the bad weather, which comes from the north. But locals know that if clouds are hovering over the mountains in the form of a beard, the weather will be soon deteriorated.
The city is very beautiful at night. Hundreds of lights form a beautiful picture under the night sky.
Snow in the mountains is very rare event in these lands. It truly can be compared to a miracle.

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