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Through generations

Miguel Angel Alvarado Morales

Dressed with his "Pachuco" outfit, Jorge goes to the square of La Ciudadela every sunday, remembering the times of the greatest ballrooms in México City.
People of all ages, principally senior citizens, reunite in La Ciudadela just for the pleasure of dancing, dressed with their finery, they share with us, his knowledge of the dance language.
With a plumed hat or a fan in their hands, to the rhythm of Danzón, they keep dancing with a sparkle of life that my generation, probably have forgot.
The tourist, comes to see and learn, how to dance properly in a ballroom, it´s funny because they always bump with his own feet, but they always learn.
This photo is the reason I called my essay "… through generations", because when I see that little girl dancing with his grandpa, it was simply magic, see her dance in the way she did, with that passion and so much better than me, it was a magical feeling. I never knew the name of she and his grandfather, but I knew them throgh the dance.

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