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Time, dust and gloom

Nicolas Riente

Xavi is 38 years old, he came to Spain from the Republic of Niger. He lives in Barcelona. For the last seven months he has been homeless.
Manu is an inmigrant from Senegal, who left his home and came to Spain in Patera. He live in Barcelona, since 2008
The person who poses for a portrait, was forced to work to obtain economic benefits working as slave for mafias in Maharashtra India. I found her in middle pilgrims in a sacred fest in Pandharpur city
Mustafá is an African immigrant, from Senegal. He came to Spain in patera, was in the ocean more than 45 days. I found him in Plaza Catalunya in middle night.
Juan, was born in morooco. He move to Spain 20 years ago. Since the last 3 years he is homeless in Poblesec. Barcelona.

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