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Wandering drawings

Tadeo Bourbon

Jose is a young Spaniard who after receiving his degree in Fine Arts in Spain decided to travel without a return date. I found him in the port of Valparaiso, telling him that i still had no place to sleep and invited me to stay in his house.
For a week I lived with José and decided to tell his story in photographs. He lived in a student boarding house and every day he followed the same routine, woke up, ate breakfast, prepared his materials and went to the port to work.
Llevaba una vida bohemia sin preocuparse demasiado por el futuro. Su cuarto estaba lleno de cosas que recolectaba en la calle e intervenciones que hacia sobre el televisor, la pared, el perchero, las puertas, etc.
It passed in the port between 6 and 8 hours per day. Some days I did not have a single client, but others became the center of attention of the port with a pile of people spying on the process by which a person is converted into a caricature.
Jose left his country two years ago, traveled through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru until arriving in Chile where he fell in love, first of Valparaiso and then Carolina, his girlfriend. His life is an uncertainty and he is unpredictable but for now something and someone could trap his wandering drawings. At least for a time.

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