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Women of the Anatolian Steppes

Betül Aydin

In the heart of Anatolian steppes, surrounded by mountains, lies a village where determined, hard working women live. They are the breadwinners of their families. In this photo, women are bringing their cattle from the prairies at the end of the day.
Wheat is the main food source in Anatolia. In the kitchen, women help each other to prepare traditional thin bread (yufka) for their families. These dry sheets are stored to be consumed during winter.
A woman is helping a newborn calf to stand on its feet.
A woman working on her field greets me with a bright smile.
Satike, a mother of six children, welcomes her guest as her husband enters the room. She started working in the fields from an early age. She managed to put four of her children to university, and she is very proud about it.

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