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Working Class Heroes – Countryside of São Paulo

Yara Mártiñs

This is an invitation to stop and perceive the beauty behind what seems to be an ordinary work. Those humble young were from a little city nearby mine. They were taking a chance at a handicraft fair to show their passion for country music.
Like father, like son. Men working together at the family's hydraulics repair shop. The street was chaothic but this two were in such a working in a deep and harmonic silence.h
Almost meditating. Just like the father and the son, this man was really absorbed by his work. It is a jewel that I had to capture. Everyone I ran into that day were all anxious or angry. Nowadays this is something to celebrate and to be inspired.
Tile by tile. Recycling tiles for a living this all kind woman have raised his son and now helps to raise her granddaughter with the money she earns by gathering tiles from abandoned places, recovering and reselling it for antique enthusiasts or people who owns older houses.
Braiding to get stronger. This one is very near to my home. Every time I am waiting at the bus stop I can see them working diligently and beautifuly. One day I had the chance to capture them and the sayings of the man's t-shirt tells just what they're work represent about them: "You are so much stronger than you think."

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