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A City Slicker and a Campground

How did I end up here?

Adam Pino

United States

“Am I really doing this right now?”

“I think that’s the way it’s supposed to go.”

“Is anyone watching me?”

“Putting up a tent is easy they said. Anyone can do it they said.”

These were the thoughts running through my head while I was attempting to put up my first tent ever, at my first campground ever, all while trying to camp. For my first time ever. To most camping is fun, easy or maybe a way of life. To me, it’s terrifying and intimidating.

“Are you kidding me? People actually put up a sheet of plastic shaped like a dome and climb inside to sleep?”

“Where do you brush your teeth?”

I’m a city boy at heart so I’m not experienced in camping. What I am experienced in are 4+ star hotels, delicious dinners and the good ole nightlife. Hanging out in the woods and making a fire while singing songs isn’t even thought about in my brain. Yet, look where I am. Figuring out how to camp in the middle of Wyoming while still trying to keep my dignity in tack.

“How did I get here?”

I think to myself while I’m typing up my first blog entry. Sitting at this picnic table with a sunset to the West and a lighting storm to the East, I just stop marvel about what’s happening. Then I started to smile. As I thought about how I ended up resigning from my job to travel the world, it was pretty simple to see how I had gotten here. As complex as it came to be, it was as simple as one decision.

While looking at the two wildly different sceneries in front of me I realized I could relate my situation to them. On one side, you have the beautiful sunset. So pure, so obvious and so expected. On the other, you have the uncontrollable lighting storm. Dark, unknown and intimidating. The course I was on in life was the sunset scene. A job I was mildly happy in, good friends who I hangout with on the weekends and in a town that was known as home. A life that by most standards would be cherished. With how calming and comfortable that sunset was, I kept veering over to the lighting storm. So captivating with the sporadic flashes of brilliance, all in excitement of not wanting to miss the moment. That’s when I realized how I ended up here. I wanted to have a different scene to set my eyes upon. I needed change, adventure and passion. The sunset is one of the best sights to set your eyes on. Sunsets are wanted because we know what we are going to get. Sometimes though, we choose a lighting storm instead and that’s exactly what I did. Who want’s to go chase some storms?

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