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A million of possibilities

How did I end up here?

frida Lerma


When i was a kid i always wonder how far a person can go?. how would be my life if i was born in a different country or in another continent?, why are we so different if we are all humans?, why we all think and speak so different?. Later, i learn that there’s something call “culture”, and it is the most defining thing of a society, also i learn that history wasn’t the same in America as in Europe or Asia, and that geography and the weather are very important for the day life of people.

when i grew up something inside of me was constantly telling me that i needed to see more, to know more, to be able to see with my own eyes how different the world is from a place to and other, to feel in my skin how different the sun feels in Morocco than it does in Canada, to hear how different the world history is teach in Spain than it does in Mexico and how amazing could be to know whats the taste of each culture, its colors, its smells, and its sounds.

That’s how i ended up here, me, a 22 years old girl looking for the adventure of her life, experimenting day by day how it is to be another person in another country. learning to love this country, its people, the landscapes, even the weather and all the good and no so good things that it has to offer to the world.

Before i made this trip i used to think that i needed to discover, i needed to learn about others and i needed to experiment what others wanted me to experiment. Now, sitting here, under a tree in a community which it name i can even spell i realize that my job here is not just that. I’m here representing my own culture, i contribute in a way anyone here can, i have a different education, a different perspective of the world and life and a unique place in the universe right know. i am knowledge, i’m teaching this people how Mexicans are like, how our food tastes and how friendly we are. Later, when i am back in mexico i’ll teach to others how incredible Australians are, how rich their culture is, and so many other incredible things i’m learning here.

It’s been only 5 days since i got here, but i already know my life is never gonna be the same it was before. I’m exciting of what’s the next stop, its just me and my notebook and all the people i could know, all the new things i could try, the experiences i could have and too many possible memories i could keep my entire life, there are a million of possibilities and this is just the beginning…

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