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The time I discovered…

Natalia Oliveira


I always thought that walk around the nature is an abillity for me. Well, when I decided to go to Machu Picchu I discovered how amazing to get there into the nature.
I preffered to go there by Inca Trail, a four days trekking to get in sacred city of the Incas. I made the reservation 4 months before the trip and I started to get prepared, since that I never did a trekking and camp. To get more physical resistance for 42 kilometers walking, I decided to loose weight: exercises and free sugar, however I never thought how this experience could change not just my way to live, but more: the way i can see and feel the real nature.
The trekking was really amazing and very special for me. Knowing another cultures, a free conversation with the guides about the unbelievable Peru culture (food, language, landscape, places to visit) is more to arrive in Machu Picchu.
I can approve to mysefel that I can walk and get more, if I have spiritual and an open mind to get everywhere.

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