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An autumn trip to remember

The time I discovered…

Lucky Ann Llanes

South Korea

The time I discovered…my love for travel

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. But it wasn’t until last year, when I won an all-expense trip to South Korea, that I realized how I want to turn this dream into a goal. It was a fascinating experience, which allowed me to represent my country in an invitation tour organized by the Korea Tourism Organization. It was the best, unplanned trip I’ve ever experienced, and my first solo trip abroad.

I met a lot of new friends from different countries from that trip, and was quite surprised at how we all easily and instantly got along so well.
The trip included fun activities such as food trips in different Korean restaurants, café-hopping, shopping, candle making, rail biking and a Janggu drum experience.

I enjoyed eating different Korean delicacies, and exploring a lot of places such as the Trick Eye Museum, Deoksugung Palace, Myeongdong Cathedral, and Jeongdong Theater among others. I loved the cold weather and the warm hues of the autumn foliage were breathtaking. I was also fascinated at how Koreans preserved their heritage and culture, while embracing the advancements of technology.

It was a wonderful and inspiring experience that I’ll never forget, which made me fall in love with the beauty of South Korea- it’s scenic landscapes, amazing food, colorful culture, and beautiful people. And I can say that the exciting discoveries I made in this tour are priceless.

After the trip, I was determined to travel even more. I want to save more money not just to buy material things, but also to start a travel fund. I also want to buy a good camera and learn how to take better pictures so I can better document and immortalize the memories of my adventures. Of course, I want to write and share my experiences to others too, with hopes that they’ll find something useful and inspiring from my adventures.

I don’t want to live life of regrets, and so, I want to try to live this dream of travelling the world even just for a while and in my own little way. Hence, I want to take my chance on this good opportunity to learn more about travel blogging, as well as to discover and explore another beautiful country such as Australia.

If I win this, it will be a life-changing experience for me, and one big step in fulfilling my dream to travel to different places while writing about my adventures. Australia may just be one part of the world, but the experience of getting to know this country will really mean the world to me..

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