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The time I discovered…

Francisca Mabedi


Sunday afternoons are usually stay at home and enjoy the sun dance its way across the horizon kind of days but this one was different, sitting at home reminded me too much of what I used to have, what I had lost. I decided a long road trip to nowhere would be a good distraction. I made my way into the outskirts of the capital city listening to a random radio station that was playing country and western. It wasn’t too long before I realized that a road trip with country and western in the background was not such a brilliant idea. Nostalgia set in and the tears just came streaming down, no sobs or wails just solid cold tears that painted a canvas on my face. The next trading center I got to, had a fully fledged market day in progress. Market days in the rural parts of Malawi are a sacred tradition, people look forward to them every week. I decided this was going to be my first experience of market day. I immediately made my way to the piles of second hand clothes and stopped at a pile of second hand dresses. The owner, a petite woman had piercing eyes and a warm smile. I had barely made myself comfortable when almost immediately cheering erupted towards one of the drinking sheds. I got up to see what the chaos was about and soon discovered two men were fighting over one of the ladies serving traditional beer. Nankhoma, the lady whose pile of clothes I was looking at chuckled and continued to call out to customers. I soon learn’t that Nankhoma was a very chatty woman and we were soon swapping stories. The laughter of children playing in the dirt blended beautifully with the chants of the sellers and the sounds of the goats and chickens. In a distance a tinsmith could be heard hard at work as his hammer hit the iron and suddenly the combination of all the noise around me became a symphony coming to life, one that spoke to my heart. It spoke hope, it spoke that even in the midst of chaos there is always a certain serenity you can choose to embody and that every obstacle can be an opportunity for growth. I was soon smiling and laughing my lungs out and it wasn’t long before the sun begun to set. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of beautiful things. It’s been over 2 years since I ‘discovered’ market day and my heart is well beyond mended. The realization I had that day has made me a fighter and an over comer in all areas of my life. To this day I never forget the day I discovered that awakening can take place in the most unusual place

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