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Bright Misfortune

The time I discovered…

Adzege Sewuese Barbara


We seldom get what we want in life, but never be so deaf or blind as not to appreciate a twist in fate. Most of lifes unexpectedness births a dream” Adzege!
I got hold of the letter of posting for my compulsory, National Youth Service Corps. The letter was boldly inscribed Taraba State. I had hoped for the finer city of Calabar with its beautiful tourist sites. I had imagined touring the Obudu Cattle Ranch with its lush mountain views. I looked twice to be sure it was not an error because both names had a resemblance, but it wasnt. With great grief, I borne my fate and made for the airport in no anticipation for future possibilities.
I reported to the orientation camp, which was my abode for the next three weeks receiving drills prepping me for a service to come.
After camp, we were posted to various locations within Taraba State for our Post Primary Assignment. I was posted to a place called Gashaka, which is a small rural settlement, home of the vaguely known Gashaka Gumti National Park. This, I hadnt known up until I started taking tours in the environment. It was quite a bumpy ride to this remote location as the roads were still under heavy construction. The journey simply compounded my despair with its thick forest and meandering roads. This was beginning to be gruesomely frustrating as all efforts to abscond in the nearest future, seemed a fade to futility.
We arrived in the genesis of night as such I couldnt discern the scenery. I got to discover, from my fellow whispering Corps members that we were sent to serve in the 20 Mechanized Battalion, Nigerian Army Barrack. At that moment, all thoughts to flee, fled my logical brain and further bruised my fragile heart. We were addressed by some Officers with pleasant greetings after which, we were ushered to our spacious aboard for the night.
I arose to the dew of morning, weary of my new but strange surrounding. Lazily, I stretched out for a walk, to catch a glimpse of reality. Alas! Gazing upon me was a fusion of great beauty. A gigantic mountain stood a legions garrison for the cantonment. An open field adorned with luscious, dew caressed grasses; lay at the feet of this enormous defender. The cascade of dew covered the mountain top like an extension of heaven to earth. The serenity made the scenery an epitome of an After Life. I felt an eruption of joy from deep within because that was THE TIME I DISCOVERED, I had a dream.

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