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Chuck a U-ie!

How did I end up here?

Alejandra Romo


More often than not, I am constantly asking myself the question “How did I end up here?” Whether it be because of a drunken night the day before, the life choices I have made and where they have taken me, or the people I have met in life, and where they have led me, literally and metaphorically. Now though, I am asking myself this, “How did I end up here…in Australia?” Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how I ended up here, the first thing that matters is that I must visit Lake Hillier. Nowhere else in the world will you find a lake whose pink waters you can see even from the air. Encompassed by an all green forest and jungle, so vibrant and over saturated that you think it was photoshopped into your brain. Traveling there is a bit of a drive, wind ripping through hair in a jeep, the high humidity causing your thighs to stick to the seats, it doesn’t matter though, your accomplishing something you’ve desired for far too long. Before you know it the night it is over, one adventure is gone and the next one awaits. You begin to ponder on what the Port Arthur Penal Colony will be like. Horrors behind the concrete walls. The cold air that wafts through the halls and rooms will be stale, but rich in history and death. Your footsteps will echo as you walk slowly and cautiously, so as to not awaken anything or anyone. The bland colors will be brightened with your imagination and you will reimagine the colony with men working, running, and commanding in the yards and corridors, it will be as if you took a trip back in time to revisit a prison that now only it’s haunting walls remain. From there the possibilities of touring and visiting are endless, Australia’s culture is vibrant, vast, and full. Ten days will not be enough, and I am sure many locals will say that even a lifetime is not enough to uncover and discover all of the beautiful and timeless opportunities and sights Australia has to offer.

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