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Dolphin dive

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Jade Marriott

New Zealand

Living in New Zealand provides you with some incredible scenery and wildlife experiences many simply take for granted. Among these a shared dream between my partner and I was to swim with Dolphins and go on a whale watching tour. One chilly weekend we simply decided we could truly not put off this desire any longer!
5 weeks later we were standing at the docks on a dark frost covered morning waiting for our tour crew to board us. The morning begin slow with a gentle cruise out of the harbour and as the sun rose we were met with the most magical sight! A pod of whales raising their tails to greet us!! Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes!
The boat came to a stop and we waited for some dolphins to arrive. Soon enough it was our turn to jump in the water! It look freezing! But once we were geared up in wetsuits and such I couldn’t wait to jump in! As soon as we were in the Dolphins swam up and around us, twirling in the water! They were showing off and playfully bumping us! I didn’t want to leave! Unfortunately it was time to jump out and wrap up. Until next time Dolphins!

That was one of the most magical and unforgettable local experiences I’ll remember for a lifetime

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