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How did I end up here?

Zorayda Dee Dadis


It started with a confession.
Mundy Regional Park is just about 22 kilometers away from Perth city, but it took me more than half a year to discover this amazing sanctuary. The overlooking view of the city combined with the cool summer breeze took my breath away. It was peace and while there was no music, the silence sounded incredible.
It started on a late afternoon near the Western Australia Art Gallery. My friend and I were discussing my recent explorations or the lack thereof since I had set foot in the state. Being a true local that she is, she vowed to show me the beauty outside Perth. It was the moment that changed everything.
The trip to Mundy Regional Park was in no way planned. After class, we headed to the train station to get to her car in Guildford. As we passed by The Vines, I held my arms out to feel the rush of wind in my arms while we listen to the music on the radio. There were bougainvilleas in every corner varied from blues to white and sometimes, even pink and orange. The vast expanse of mountains and hill tops looked like muffin tops of varying sizes and while I was so tempted to make a stop, I let myself breathe in the beauty as we drove past it.
The moment we reached Mundy Regional Park, there was no mistaking the magnificence in its form. It was drought season; while there was no running water to listen to, the towering trees constantly being hit by the cool summer breeze more than made up for it. So instead of taking the usual route, we opted for a different one. The hike was long and exhilarating. We passed by a small bridge surrounded by a diverse category of plants and flowers before being greeted by a steep pathway leading to the top of the hill. We slipped and fell a few times, but it didn't stop us from noticing the clear sky and the birds chirping. The day was nearing its end.
By a stroke of luck and probably a little bit of perseverance, we reached the top just as soon as the sky changes its colors to red, orange and yellow with a hint of violet. And while the entirety of Mundy Regional Park is stunning, nothing will compare to that moment when the sky turned dark as the night fell. The dull and gray city changed in front of my eyes. Lights started flickering as if it was Christmas and soon enough, the city was sparkling. It was like fireflies gathering for the big night and I was witnessing every second of it. So I took a mental picture, closed my eyes, breathed it in and thought to myself, I must be in Wonderland.

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