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Journey of Heavens Kingdom

How did I end up here?

Sarah Ruiz


It was late August the smell of mother natures treasures enticed us with releif to escape from the city…As we walked through the forest into a place where time would seize to exist; we unpacked and set up camp in a beautiful spot that seemed to be from the land of Peter pan. As the night sky painted a masterpiece of heaven we indulged into all our guilty pleasures by the fire as the night began to hit. August was the most beautiful time to sleep under the stars by the sea. Slowly as the light of the moon and stars grew stronger a sudden fragmentation of colors arose as the music played in the background. He grabbed my hand and we decided to sneak away from the group, wandered our selves along the clean white sand dunes. playing faintly in the background were giggles and 80’s music with our friend that looked like he jumped off the time machine train with our other beautiful friend entertaining their energetic ecstasy with one another. We continued walking until we got a perch facing the sea it seemed as if only minutes had gone by, but it had been hours. The light in the sky began to seep through as he held me close gently kissing my kneck, his hands interlaced into mine. all the colors of.the rainbow spoke to us in that moment we were one with all that was and all that is. That would be our final moment together, before having to return to the world where our souls could not be one with one another due to the circumstances of this life and time. it didn’t hurt anymore as it wasn’t our first time encountering in such circumstances where we knew we would not see one another for large amounts of time. whenever we did connect though it was as if we had never been apart. Not everything in life that we love dďis meant to keep, some are to be cherished memories, some are lessons, but the journey in life is short and should be spent well. So live your life with no regrets, cherish it with those who value you, and sometimes the journey isn’t so much about going somewhere, it’s about the journey and the beautiful limitless souls you meet along the way. Always live in the now, and follow your heart it might be a bumpy ride sometimes, but if you remember there is a magical lesson in it all. Remember Light, Sun, Dream and then you’ll see the world as the kingdom of heaven right before your eyes.

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