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Me, Myself, and I

The time I discovered…

Andrew Davis

United States

Life’s a discovery, a journey, an adventure that paves the way for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions which make up who we are, what we believe in, and who we will ultimately become. Recently, I had the opportunity to not only discover my country but more importantly, myself. I had traveled from my home on Long Island, across the country to Lake Tahoe, California. It’s a trip I will never forget because it was the first time I had travelled by myself. I can truly say that this trip had a major impact on my life.
It always amazes me that no matter where I go in the world I meet someone who lived in New York. As I sat outside of this quaint little diner in Kentucky, I came across a local man who used to live in Brooklyn. We reminisced about the sights and sounds of Brooklyn that we both shared. From behind his bushy white beard and pale blue eyes he asked me where I was heading and I told him that I was going to California to which he replied, “my son lives in California.” He went on to asking me which route I was going to take and wished me luck on my adventure. I can’t quite recall the man’s name but his friendliness is something I’ll never forget.
I had a similar encounter in Kansas City, Missouri at a local barbecue joint. As I was leaving, I found myself in a deep conversation with a women who had this adorable, sweet sounding southern accent. It’s a funny thing when a local recognizes that you’re from out of town but this woman’s kind words and gentle southern hospitality made me feel right at home. It was an amazing experience to talk to someone who was so passionate, and influenced so greatly by her surroundings.
One morning while I was driving I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise over the horizon as it showered sunlight upon an empty Kansas canvas. Later on as I drove snuggled between the enormous stone cut works of art that are the Rocky Mountains, and past the brown blood canyons of Utah, and atop a desolate desert highway in Nevada, I couldn’t help but fully appreciate the beauty of this planet and the people in it. As I sat almost 9,000 feet above sea level, nestled deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I had accomplished something I never thought I was capable of. I realized how I love this planet, and the people in it.
It was on this trip that I had discovered my love for traveling, meeting new people, and creating lasting memories. I rediscovered myself and my abilities and am thankful for every single second.

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