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Meeting LAUREEN!!

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Feriel Adjabi

United States

I’m not a follower or a simple student at secondary school; I’m a TechGirl.
TechGirls is an international exchange program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, and is designed to empower young girls from the Middle East and North Africa to pursue careers in science and technology. The program emphasizes hands-on skills development in fields such as programming, robotics, mobile application building, web design, video graphics, and 3D game design. The TechGirls Program is administered by Legacy International.
through this amazing program I met a very sweet and beautiful soul!! Laureen the palestinian Techgirl.. before going to the US we used to chat every single day hoping to meet as soon as possible.. and here has the great day came but Our plane ( Egyptians-Algerians- Tunisians and morrocan ) arrived before their plane because they had problems , anyways the day after we arrived she was here in the US we met at a classroom where we were having leadership workshop and when we were done, she came to me and had a very long hug and cried our hearts out we didn’t really believe that we finally met we had not words to describe our feelings…
Techgirls has given me the chance to meet wonderful people like laureen and i’m sure that this scholarship will do!!

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