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Megan Finds Her Selfie

How did I end up here?

Megan Sweeney


My foot slips off a rock. I gaze outward towards the Arabian Sea. What am I doing? The red belt across my stomach squeezes a bit tighter. “The air is good now. It’s time to go,” I hear from the Indian paragliding expert strapped along my back. I look up and I’m being hoisted while the stranger is holding me up by a strap connected to a parachute. I feel queasy as my breath continues its labored yet rapid pace. “Deep breaths, Megan,” I think. “Use what you are learning in yoga teacher training. Incorporate the yogi breaths. Inhale deeply. Exhale.” “Pick up your feet!” another man shouts. They push me back towards the mountain and with the same momentum launch me forward towards the cliff. My fear of heights comes to a head. “I can’t do this,” my inner self tells me. “What if I get hurt? I came here to learn how to teach yoga, not injury myself in the process.” “Your feet! Your feet!” they continue to yell. How did I get here?

It seems like just yesterday that I was back in California, singing songs to children, striving to be the best nanny I could be. On my thirtieth birthday something clicked for me. I had always wanted to travel the world. To experience the unknown. To learn about different cultures. To live life fully in the present moment while in a personally uncharted environment. So I decided, “Here I am; thirty, single, no kids, no mortgage. I’m free! If I truly want to travel the world like I say I do, this is the time to do it!” I found a Y.T.T. program through Ashtak Yoga School in Goa, India. What better way to learn yoga than from the country it originated in? I didn’t have to be back to the states until May for some weddings. I could visit a friend in Koh Phangan and another friend in Ho Chi Minh City! It was all coming together. I set off to find myself. To discover my purpose in the world; my dharma. So I booked a one-way ticket, packed a backpack, and took the leap.

Now here I am about to jump off a cliff in Goa. I take a deep breath. “This what I came here to do, isn’t it? To live!” I pick up my right foot to meet the other as I take the leap off the mountain to the sky. Feelings of blissfulness and gratitude encompass my being. “I am free!” I look to the blue horizon of the ocean and I smile. I laugh while tears stream down my face as I sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” “I have gone through so much and now I’m here. Present moment I am paragliding off the coast of India over the Arabian Sea. I am living my dreams!” I did it.

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