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Moochas Gracias

The time I discovered…

Carrol Lowthian

United Kingdom

Sun’s out, wellington boots on, and screwdriver’s in hand. Another day being home schooled in the English Pennines.
My siblings and I make our way down the winding road that leads to the Park Shops. The Park Shops, despite it’s name is really just a barn that belongs to the neighbours – neighbours that live about a mile over yonder.
A sturdy stone wall and steel gate separate us from the cows that graze on the lengthy, vibrant green grass that can be seen for miles in every direction across the rolling hills. Thinking nothing of it, we scale the gate, find our dig site and begin work on unearthing our precious stones.
My brother must have grew bored with the tedious task and stops what he’s doing to look around. With his voice a few octaves higher than usual, he informs us that one of the cows is heading in our direction and quickly picking up speed. My sister, being the eldest, tells him not to worry and to continue our mining mission. When we look left again, the hole herd is stampeding towards us and it’s all I can do to keep my stomach from falling out of my bottom. All reserve gone, my terrified sister screams at us to run. Without a second thought I hop to my feet, instantly regretting my choice of footwear for the day, and run like Usain Bolt across the uneven field. Victoria, our posh cousin from the South, can’t compete with our Olympian like speeds and falls behind. “She’s a goner,” I thought. I vault through the spacing’s of another gate and get to my feet to assist the others through or over the gate, which ever method they choose in these death defying circumstances. I look past my brother to see hands flailing, tip toe running Victoria looking rather serene given the fact she’s inches away from being trampled by a half ton beast. Perhaps she doesn’t realise. She reaches the gate just in time for us to yank her over the top bar and land in a heap on the floor.
Taking a moment to lower our heart rates and swallow our vomit back down, we wisely decide on taking the long way home and promise to never tell the adults about the fateful day we discovered that cows are not our friends.

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