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Liza Kiwara

United Kingdom

My name is Liza Kiwara. A student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Currently pursuing Electrical and electronic Engineering, third year. Well being an engineering student, life can be challenging at times. Juggling between early mornings late nights and barely any time left for a social life. We crave for holidays. And so after passing my examinations, during my holiday break my parents surprised me with a trip to go to the United kingdom. I was so excited. It was unbelievable.
On Landing to Heathrow airport we took a connecting flight to Manchester where my extended family lives. The next day we(my cousin, sister and I) took a 5 hour bus to London, where we again stayed with family. When in London I visited Oxford street which is the high end shopping street, Buckingham palace, where the queen resides , Kensington palace where Prince William resides, Neals yard which is an extremely beautiful street and the big Ben Westminster. After that I took the London eye for a perfect view of the whole of London it was amazing. After London we took a 9hour bus to cornwall in the south coast. Cornwall is so beautiful. This is where all the beautiful beaches are. While in Cornwall, I went to Kynnace cove, Porthcurno beach and the Minack theatre.. the views were breathtaking and the people were too friendly. After that we came back to Manchester. In Manchester, I mainly visited the stadiums and did my shopping.
I will forever be grateful. Long live Great Britain

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