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ode to the monkeys (On Koh Chiang, Lonely Island, Thailand)

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

julie pate


Oh each morning you greeted me and about 20 other tourists from around the globe and in wonder and awe that we could mingle with out a cage and bars to separate our mutual existences. sharing food and twisting and turning down the high-wire up above. And it was such a sight i had never experienced. Monkeys! They are so cute i’ve never seen them in the wild and in such a playful manner. Thailand truly is turning out to be an adventure of the extraordinary.

The signs say don’t feed the monkeys with a big red x over their picture, they BITE! They Bite! i see this every day as i go for my long daily hike up and down the big curvy high hills (That I was informed that over 27 people died the previous year from motorbike accidents). But the Beauty the beauty of the islands and water from these morning hikes and from the up above perspectives, this was deceiving as was the cute little monkeys that i lived amongst for 5 weeks on Koh Chiang. Oh the monkeys on Koh Chiang. Oh how cute i thought you were until that morning there was no way in hell you were going to let me walk up the hill to the other side. Literally that game the ‘Billy groats gruff’ that i played as a little girl only this time monkeys that have teeth that bite big chunk’s of flesh from those who have no clue of your ways.

So i’ve just begun my daily hike to experience this beautiful place and get the best cappuccino on the island.. Im hiking up this steep hill and there are 6 monkeys that have taken possession of this hill and street. I try to walk across and hike the opposite side of the street when 2 monkeys have a different plan for me. In a split second i realize i have my bag on my shoulder and i can use this as leverage only as i start to take off my shoulder the monkeys are 2 steps ahead. they start to come towards me at an accelerated rate. i quickly turn around to head back down the hill. Im Pissed. I want to get my hike in. I want my cappuccino. The Monkeys want whats in my bag.
I turned around and i decide i’m going to go on my hike! Then all of a sudden i have 6 monkeys coming towards me at once and i realize i’m not going to win this. immediately a motor bike starts coming up the hill and i get him to stop quickly, i jump on the back as quick as i can and we fly by the monkeys who were about to have their way with me.

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