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A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Nafisa Naomi


What brings you here?”
“Oh nothing much. I was just looking for a friend in a green t-shirt”
“I believe he is right there.” He said, pointing across the small square, at the seat near the fountain.
She walked over to where he was sitting, crouched, nose buried in his notes. She took out her perused copy of Wuthering Heights and began to read. He turned to her and asked.
“So, what are you going to tell the next person who assumes we are together?”
“Oh. Calmly confirm their suspicion? Maybe tell them how I am completely in love with you and how amazing a guy you are?”
“Sounds perfect. I think I will do the same! I will tell them how being with you has been the best decision of my life. You know I can totally pull that off right?”
“Well yeah I bet! So can I, I guess, she replied, with equal enthusiasm.
She went back to reading and flipped over to the next page. He went back to copying notes.
“Wasn’t I supposed to stay quiet for five minutes?”
“Oh nah, not really. I think I am done.”
She stayed quiet for a while, wondering whether she should bring up what was bugging her for a while. Then she remembered he was one person she didn’t need to think before talking or try to phrase her thoughts properly. If expressing herself was not one of her best abilities then, he was downright horrible at it. He had no right to judge, she thought. She knew he wouldn’t anyway.
“You said you didn’t want to spend time with me. Well, You’re leaving, its normal for me to want to spend time with you. But if you are opposed to it, then tell me that and I will stop.”I am spending time with you now, does that answer your question?”
“It wasn’t a question!”, she replied, laughing awkwardly, almost embarrassed for bringing it up at all.
“I guess what you said brought back bad memories. That made me sad. But I guess I know you weren’t intending to. I was sort of expecting the same kind of insensitivity I had gotten from people in my past. Friends mostly.”
“What made you think I would not see you before leaving?”
“I don’t know, I just assumed”. She briefly looked in his direction only to quickly revert her gaze. He was turning his head from time to time, still copying notes. ‘I really need to stop talking about this!’
“You really need to shampoo your hair!” She exclaimed, like one does when one spots an emergency that needs immediate attention
“Will do today. I know its overdue.” He said, passively. “Can my left eye stop twitching already?!” He reached for his bag, sc

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