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Seasnoal Opportunist

How did I end up here?

Amy Russ


Unique, colourful and light. Leaves, can be lifted in the breeze and taken places they never thought possible.
What would happen if we let go of our grounded lives and said yes to opportunities that surround us? Could we be lifted like a leaf and swept across the earth’s surface to places we have never heard of or be living a life we never imagined?
These opportunities dance in the wind around us and all we need to do is reach up and catch them as they take us on a journey through time.
I will never forget my first “yes” experience, an opportunity presented itself to sail as part of a ‘Youth Development Program’. At 17 years young, I reached up high and held on tight to the opportunity as it blew me across the Victorian coastline on an eight day voyage out at sea; with whirling winds, influential leaders and rolling waves that rocked the 43 metres tall ship back and forth like a child’s toy boat in a bathtub.
As this adventure ceased, the following 24 hours I continued to sway on land to the ocean’s movement. During this time, I was dreading spending the following 4 years at University living a repetitious lifestyle. Although I was craving to further my education within an ever changing environment, that is when I discovered the International College of Hotel Management.
‘Say yes, become an opportunist’
I spent the following four years flowing between University and internships in leading hotels.
When a second whirlwind blew my life into a new direction, I struggled to make a choice for my final internship. I said ‘yes’ to the opportunity to live out a 6 month internship at a resort on the shores of Phuket, Thailand. I welcomed in the 2013 New Year on a solo journey in Bangkok, never in my wildest dreams did I expect this.
Presently, in the lead up to travelling to South Africa, I feel as though I am a seasonal yes opportunist.
For the past 2 months, I have been updating my South African friend with my travel preparation. Intending only to visit Johannesburg but like I have said, ‘when opportunities arise, reach up and take them’. As luck has it he will be returning home in July and with a kind smile and positive energy he has offered to be my tour guide and introduce me to Cape Town through the eyes of a local.
Moments like these are why I encourage each and every one of you to be flexible and embrace change to allow ourselves to glide with the wind and say YES! We never know when an opportunity will present itself. All we can do is take it,

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