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The best trip ever

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Dandara Martins Barbosa Soares da Silva


I’m from Minas Gerais, a state in the southeast, and I had never been on a plane until last year. The further place from home I’ve ever been was São Paulo and the trip was by bus. When I had the opportunity to go to Brasilia to participate in a US Embassy program and found that the trip would be by plane, I couldn’t contain anxiety. I tried to think of Brasilia, but I could only imagine politics, sights related to politics, political districts. But when I arrived, I could see that the city is much more than I heard. For those who like organization, Brasilia is the perfect place.
I had the opportunity to visit the US Embassy and participate in some activities related to the American culture. The evening ended in Xique-Xique Asa Norte restaurant, serving northeastern typical foods. A great choice for who is this region of Brazil and is homesick, or even for those like me, did not know the Northeastern cuisine.
The following days were visits to the sights of the city like the Cathedral of Brasilia, the Supreme Court, the TV Tower and the Square of the Three Powers. The trip was in late June / early July 2015, so these places were not as crowded as in other times of the year.
I bought some souvenirs for “reasonable” prices. Brasilia is not the cheapest place in the area but the friendliness and charisma of the vendors, I came back with whole family to present. A defining moment in purchases was when we were in Brasilia Cathedral buying some shirts and the seller realized that we were talking in English. He started to drive us in the language, with an enviable ease. We asked how he learned, and he said he had been working there for some time and was learning with practice. In addition to English, he also speaks French and Japanese and gave a little demonstration for us. We took some pictures and we continue to talk. Before leaving, I asked him a hug and thrilled me. That was the time I discovered that we all have a story to be shared, we just need someone to listen.
For some people, five days in a trip is no small thing. For me, five days were enough to miss whenever estcutava a song that remembered the trip, five days were suficentes to stay with the heart tight every time the facebook reminds me that it’s been a year since I came back five days were enough to make me want more than five days, on the spot or elsewhere.

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