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The hardest freedom ever

The time I discovered…

Paula Marchesan


It all starts… No, wait. Just too romantic. Well it was kinf of a fairy tale but no, not all the times. Let’s try again.
So many people want to have what that sixteen year old teenager had: the chance to live in another country for a whole year. And then they figured, well, she will come back and settle down. But for some reason that was not the case. That girl needed more. More of that thrill, the happiness, the gooosebumps, those infite butterflies in her stomach. From that moment on she was not only Brazilian anymore. She was a Citizen of the World. Everyday trying to figure out why the hell the world is trying to be one? If the beauty of it is in the different? After a few more exchanges and destinations she finally found her path: a certified tourism professional. But of course it was not enough.
The world is so damn huge. I don’t know if you can say it is infinite. But is certaily infinite to me. People being different, surpring you, teaching, learning, living. And then of course you have all those little streets in Granada, Spain, every marble in the world in the Vatican City, you can’r forget the most incredible fiesta (and siesta!) in… well, all parts of Spain. Come on” You have the most hospitable people in Brazil and the biggest rainforest. You have pure gold in people all around the world. And of course there’s Australia.
And now she desperately needs Australia. With all it’s sheeps! And of course kangoroos, why not? Even that pink lake that no one knows for sure why it’s pink!
And then it all comes to back to that first travel to the USA when that girl faced so many challenges and cried and laughed and ate and made friends and learned english and and and… It adds up to a life of travelling. ‘Cause no it wasn’t perfect. And you see that’s the time I discovered I didn’t need perfect. I needed different. I needed the challenges ’cause without them there’s no way of getting better. That’s the meaning of travelling for me: the hardest freedom ever. The best feeling. The feeling I think everyone deserves. The easy way? No, thanks. Remember, this is not a fairy tale. It’s much much better.

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