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The magic behind the misterious and unexpected meetings.

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Ludovica Marigliano

United Kingdom

When your life is busy and it seems nothing can surprise you, it happens: something that doesn’t correspond to your planned life messes up it. That’s what happened to me some years ago.
I was travelling for the first time alone, the first time by plane and outside Italy. When I arrived to London, at the airport, the first thing I noticed was the language which was spoken there. I immediately realized that I wasn’t in Italy anymore.
I also noticed a new fragrance in the air that I had never smelled before. The meadow’s perfume was unmistakable, the rain’s one unique. Even the English chips’ taste was different from the Italian one.
I arranged my baggages at the Westminster College, I was in the Harrow Campus. A few days went by when I decided to go to London before the English lessons took place and so I took the train at the Northwick Park station and then I could finally explore Piccadilly Circus, see the Big Ben, observe the city from the London Eye. I was really happy to realize a dream. But I felt also worried. I was wondering if I could handle the situation.
I was sitting on a bench when an old woman came to me to ask me what time was it. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened after her question. She decided to sit down near to me and told me that she was Italian and asked me what I was doing there. Then she started to tell me some personal facts about her life, just like a grandma can do.

I found her story very interesting! “A 70-year-old woman who continues to study because she likes doing it. Wow” I thought at the moment. She had studied psychology and got a degree, then she had done masters in psychology and had become a school principal and then had worked indipendently with young boys and girls, and her task was helping them realize themselves. She had helped them not to be unsure, and to face with tranquility what was happening in their lives. And at the time we met, she was studying to get her 3rd degree in psychology!
I saw in her a little bit of me. My wishes for my future, my ambitions, my hope to taste the good of life, my hope to enjoy life and to continue to realize myself even at 70 years old, because there is always time to do what we like the most.
I didn’t know why she started to speak to me. But the more we talked, the more we agreed that we were meant to meet each other for some sort of reason.
Both of us believed in destiny and I will never forget this unexpected meeting.

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