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The Time I Discovered My WHY

The time I discovered…

Ryan Thorpe


I remember it vividly, I arose to the bellowing horns of bikers and cars below my apartment in the brilliant metropolis that is Barcelona.
That morning a brilliant mood had overcome me nothing could deter it; I could sense something great was going to happen today. Off to school I go! hopping onto my little penny board and took to the crowded streets to challenge for what little road space they would give me.

Ducking and swerving I felt like Tony Hawk on speed as my mind wondered in unison with my body. I love to wonder, to float from idea to idea, to experience an experience whilst you disconnect yourself from what is going on.

That’s when it hit…

No not my WHY, but a plant pot nestled right in the middle of the pavement. Great… I thought, as I was helpfully lifted by a short Indian woman and a much larger than me Spanish hombre.

A little rattled I dusted myself down looked into each of their eyes and in my awkward Spanish apologised as we British do a lot, said thank you and moved on swiftly to avoid any further embarrassment.

Little did I know, that was the spark which lit the fuse to my WHY.

To find your WHY is to find yourself, to find your meaning in life, why you get up in the morning, why do you do the things you do. From that you can find your passion… your soul.
Something clicked, I rushed straight to grab a coffee and dove straight onto my laptop and got typing, letting my thoughts flow effortlessly onto the page in front of me. A wave of enthusiasm and excitement overwhelmed my body, similar to that you feel as you walk through the gates into a festival or getting off that plane as you arrive on holiday. Complete ecstasy with anticipation. This was my moment I could feel it. Then it happened… I found my WHY

The reason for all the problems in the world are because we do not understand each other. Let’s encourage more young people to go abroad and to travel. In doing so they not only learn and grow as people, but it gives them the opportunity to understand other cultures, languages and lifestyles.
For if you travel during those years of life where you are in self-discovery mode, it will define you for years to come. It will give you experiences & knowledge, which you will apply to your everyday life.

The result… A more accepting community full of global students of the world.

I believe the future of us is in The Student Nomads of today…

And that is the day I found my WHY

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