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The Unknown Inside

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

Isaac Oliveira Pires


Imagine a person completely “lost over time”, multiply that by ten, that’s me hahaha, and in my lifestyle more “carpe diem” there are two things I love with assurance, traveling and writing. I was on vacation from my last year of high school in São Paulo, and I was surprised by trip, to visit my uncles at the interior of another state.
As I didn’t see them for many years, i was anxious, the bus trip to the interior passed very quickly, the ways wich we passed in cities made me feel in another country, I saw no construction beyond mills and houses on top of hills, the air was cool, the weather cooperated 1000%, and the warm sun, creating a golden horizon, illuminating the wheat crop out of sight, and the wind, this one maked the movements of trees and crops seem like a dance.
After a show of landscapes, including plantations, forests and farms with a thousand cattle, we arrived in the small town of Xambrê at Parana, early in the morning, and over two charrets the road to the farm was amazing. And now I was close to all I saw through the window of the bus, the wildlife in its deepest state of tranquility along the way, move alongside animals like coral snakes that appeared over the land driveway and much bigger sloths than the wich ones in the zoo at branches of trees.
Every day was different, although the town was small we were in a farm surrounded by a forest and the activities were many, going fishing, going swimming, riding on horses and exploring in the woods. Among all these activities, I experienced one that fascinated me, the wheel histories around the campfire in the middle of the field near to the forest, my uncle told a lot of histories, and my favorite one was about an jaguar who lived at the waterfall cave that occasionally dared to walk in the road at night and walk on the lands of the farms in the region
The big cat in the tropical forests of South America with the strongest bite of its class in the world, it even being a native animal is almost impossible to see in the wild. Taking into account the year we was (2015) and where was the story of the jaguar, it was not very reliable, it being one endangered animal and almost totally extinguished inside the southeast of the country. But two days before we left, we made our wheel histories with the fire and guess what? We saw the animal through the farm close to us probably some 50 meters away. We stayed only one week, but met the wildfile was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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