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Trapped in the Atlas mountains

A local encounter I’ll never forget.

paulina bonilla


too many people had told me about the Atlas Mountains, and experience through this beauty of nature to get to the Sahara desert and then to come back to Morocco.But although I can say that at first trapped by its majestic beauty; the be captured within them, by one of the most memorable storms of recent times, with hail included, accompanied by strong winds, thunders and lightning it is a story I’m sure I tell my grandchildren. All passengers on the tour, including myself, had to stay on the bus. Trying to sleep, we are caught eleven hours, retreat was impossible, another rockslide we had back and forward was even more dangerous, due to blockage of the mudslide. We were so tired from spending three days between the desert riding camels, playing with sand board and finally to after living together with people of the Berber tribe and finally driving eight kilometers back, we witnessed a rain that despedasaba everything in its path, darkness we’ll walk and finally companionship and sense of humor except this wonderful adventure, which will always be worthy to remember. However not all were laughing at first, initially we consider each of us to speak to their respective embassy; imagining the worst case scenario and even decided to say goodbye. This has been a unique opportunity to start living again.

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