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What is time?

The time I discovered…

Sâmela Martins


But what would be the time? clockpointers? That never stop in a dying tic tac. Something infinite without beginning middle and end without a break?
I learned that time works without stopping, I can learn something while he runs around, or not. I learned that time back hope at sunrise after a hard night watered the weeping and seasoned with salt tears. Only comfort when they are absorbed by a cuddly pillow.
But I also learned even if you close your eyes the sun will rise in the same way, because the time doesn’t stop for you whine or to console you. So I must hurry to learn with my experiences over the time.
I have also thought the time is nonlinear and gave reason to Einstein’s theory of relativity.
While here is morning, in Japan is night, if I can not kiss someone in the new year to get lucky, You may not need to travel through time machine. Just get on a plane and go to nearest country that has not done the countdown!
I discovered that everything does not always go as we want. I discovered that deep down inside I like when problems arise because when I try to find a way out is when I use imagination to solve problems and create new alternatives.
I found that every person who passes through your life leaves a portion in your luggage of good things or bad … laughter, moments, discontents, all helping to build deconstruct and reconstruct you.
Once I was working in a school for children thinking that I would teach everything, but who taught me were the children, to have a pure heart, always ready for a hug, love without reservation to play in life and literally get a few scraped knees but always finished crying with a smile almost as an end.
Over time a lot of me is going to a new me come and take shape, with a bit of each that went through my life but always looking to keep intact the essence
I discovered that the time is only a hand for us to find out a lot of new things and that is the fun, surprise suspense mystery and if you are in optimistic will have a little bit of imagination, and if it’s bad you will learn a lot.
I will not end because we still have time and countless lessons to learn and how can I tell if the end is just the beginning of a journey of well pleasant and significant learnings.
Then what I discovered over time will have to stay like this without end maybe with the end in my headstone because for now just want to have more time to discover and increasingly!

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