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What’s your NUMBER?

The time I discovered…

Nada Abd Elaziz


If you are living in Egypt then you will know much about this story. In Egypt we all are defined by numbers. If your number is little then you are as little as your number. The number you get defines your past present and future .

in Egypt the score you make in high school is more important than you ID or your birth certificate. This number is looked at as a way of categorizing people. Are they dumb ? Are they smart enough ? Are they way smart? Is he a worthy person ? Or he doesn’t deserve a chance of living.

There is nothing here called dream job. When you ask a child what would you like to be when you grow up he might say an engineer, and he could work his whole life on it , but he will end up eventually as an accountant because of the number.
Do you imagine a high school girl/guy spending their best days in panic over their future? That’s what Egypt had done to us.

the educational system in Egypt didn’t` give the chance to youth to dream much, they put the number theory as an aim for those youth so consequently those youth turn to be the echo sound. they don’t tend to love high school, eager to learn, or even curious to maintain the power of knowledge. all they want is to memorize some paragraphs to write in the exam, that would take them to the number, and later on they can forget all about what they have been studying all this long

Seeing this, parents also changed. I am not that old to give examples from the very past, but what i am quite sure of is that the parents enrolled their children into schools and encouraged them to get to college for a reason that does not exist nowadays. Today, parents feeling obligated to enroll their kids into schools so no one would blame them later or maybe we can say that it became acquired right . Parents do it as if they are forced to do it. So they are always waiting two things in return. the credit and the number. The results not waited by youth as it is waited by parents, and if they didn’t like the number, this would be a huge problem, save your life, run.

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