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7am forever again 2017

Out of my comfort zone

José Antonio Smith Reyes


7am, the alarm clock rings.
8 am, after a quick shower I tie my tie, my office suit looks impeccable, as always, I'm young, no wrinkles yet, a little bit pale, "could use some sun", is what I regulary think every morning when my face reflects the mirror.
8:10, I'm catch the subway, I never sit dow in the morning, I stand there for 1hr until I get to work.
9:15 I get to work, Sam is already there, he is the first one to arrive, he looks tired, but looks happy to see me, he always does, I like him he is a good friend.
1pm lunch time, the most exciting time of the day, I get to choose from three different daily menus. What will I eat today? Chicken? Beef? Vegeterian?
2pm, I ate a lot im fighting the sleep, the worst time of the day, the screen of the PC really hurts my eyes I need a nap.
6pm, final y time to go home. Tom says the client needs the wifi finished by tomorrow 8am, that means I have to stay.
11pm, I finally finish, time to go home
12:30am I'm home, I go to bed…..

7am, the alarm clock rings….

I did I this for 5 years, I had a good salary, a good apartment, a good position, however my life sucked. One day Tom came at 6pm and told me the client needed the document I was working in for the next day at 8 am as it usually happened, I couldn't take it any more, I went on line, booked a ticket, next day at 8am the client did not received the document, that month I was not going to receive a salary, I didn't care, I was going to India,
I traveled the country for one month, every day was a challenge, a new experience, no comfort, no known routines, no boringness just happynes. Exit your confort zone and you will find it.

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