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About pumas and a broken knee 2017

Out of my comfort zone

Elton Figueiredo do Nascimento Junior


I remember two years ago when I was planning my trip through Patagonia for two reasons: live the best adventure of my life and spent some time lonely exerciting the self knowledge while enjoying on of the most remote landscapes all over the earth.

All the necessary things was ready: money, scheduled vacations and a well defined route. But all legendary adventure demands for some misadventure to give some extra emotion, and five months before I suffered a pretty dumb accident and broke my left knee. Not too bad for a guy who would have to walk 70 kilometers across desert mountains without any friend. Apparently everything was ruined.

Tho months of phisiotherapy and almost a milk overdose after, I could walk without crutches. So I decided that I wouldn't wait another year to realiz my dream and get the answers I so badly needed. I dedicated my self until the last day before my journey and if it was to give up, it would in the middle of some patagonic mointain, in front of a extremely blue lake. A poetic end for an idiot idea (or just an idiot and for an idiot for the forest rangers).

W Trekking's ground zero, Torres del Paine, Chile, 2014's February…I believe that every dumb idea instigates the universe to test your beliefs and isn't different this time. Already on the first day, one of the most demand parts of the course took me to the legendary towers. Not without my knee complaining all the time.

As anything that goes up had to go down, the second day was deceptively calmer and the 22 km course around the majestic blue Nordenskjold lake, made it appear that the game was won.

I naturally took longer than others to complete each day, but the third day didn't allow many delays. It was ncessary be fast to reach the lodge before teh night fall down, unless you want to sleep with the cougars in the steppes. I saw two baby cougars crossing my way and it took away all the tiredness and gives me all the energy to walk as fast as possible. Fear is the best fuel and cougar's food isn't the end I planned to my life.

Ewerithing went well on the last day (it was time!) and it makes me think that sometimes over-planning is such a prison. We give all the excuses when the right thing to do is ask to ourselves what's the worst thing that can happen to us. And even if we list dozens, the possibility of just one come real is ridiculously low.

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