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Travel Writing 2017 Application

Breathtaking Adventure in the mountains 2017

Out of my comfort zone

Darshani Gautam


Hitting the rocky passes, the journey to the very heart of the Himalayas was a test of steep inclines, high altitude (5,150 m) above sea level to be precise!), perserverance and cold. By the ninth day, I had injured my legs to the point of having difficulty standing.I could barely walk.My toenails had gone black and blue with throbbing pain and I had cut back of my feet which was slightly bleeding.I didn't have much control over my lower body.I couldn't lift my legs, they were temporarily paralised. By this day everyone was suffering from some sort of ache or pain altitude the prime culprit.The well tackled path of the Everest Base Camp was no easy wander.It required some previous training and high level of fitness.Although an average person can tackle this adventurous trail.Still you need to be in good shape to complete this trekking challenge. Home to plenty of ravishingly beautiful mountains, and natural wonders, the EBC route is the most famous trek in the world and the route tackled by tens and thousands of tourists every year. For us too, it was the perfect mountain adventure gateway.
It was ninth day, we were set to trekk to the highest point of our route from Gorakshep (5,220 meters)to the kalapatthar (5,545 m) and push on for round trip to get back on the camp.In the pins and needles cold & the snow covered path with grays morains and fluttering prayer flags, we were pushing ourselves, some of us through the worsening pain. Sauntering and grasping for breath, we made the steep incline upwards.The air was cold and increasingly thinning but also wonderfully fresh.That was the day which turned out to be the real challenge which led me to question is this trekk really worth it? I couldn't let the pain ruin the trip.These are the trips we actually remember. It was challenging but allowed us to see what we could do.
Turning around, there were soaring mountains with smooth snow everywhere.The white snow contrasted beautifully over the silhouettes of blue black mountains, snow sitting against its curves and peaks with misty fresh air and brown dead grasses.There were yaks, strong & well adapted to the cold​ and the altitude.​Moving further,there were sights of peaks floating in the cloud surrounded by mist which seemed like they were in middle of thin air.
After between, two & three hours of hard work in the windy and cold route, we finally reached there. And the effort was well rewarded.There was the classic view of the Everest, footed by the bleak, blue beauty of the Khumbu icefall.

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