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Travel Writing 2017 Application

Geysir Dance 2017

Making a local connection

Andrea Laerte Davide


6 am. I was off the bus. A night trip from Reykjavik to Akurery. It was pouring and I was the only one in the streets. It's all closed. I was supposed to go to the camping but not with this rain. A ghost city.
I think I was almost crying or scream or both.
I want to exactly figure out what my state of mind was before you think I'm crazy:
I was just left by a girlfriend with no plans for summer. So I've decided to go as far as my money and time allowed me: Iceland. They lost my luggage so I arrived in Iceland with no camping tend, or shirt or pants. I bought the essential and rent all the camping stuff. After a day to the Geysers and other wonders of the earth I've decided to go to the furthest north just because my mind told me so. Took a bus and now I'm here in a ghost city under the most epic rain I have ever seen in my life. Or I thought so.
Between the raindrop I finally I saw a light. That's it, my only chance. I ran as fast as I could packed like a mule with my giant rented backpack.
It was open. A tourist office. I was soaked and I looked around to see if there was a human being around. A small counter. All around postcards and souvenirs. I heard steps coming from the back.
“Hello” I shouted. No answer. But finally a middle-aged man made his appearance.
“Good Morning”, finally he said.
“I'm sorry if I'm dripping water in your shop”
“Don't worry. You're not lucky,” (of course I'm not) “yesterday the sky was clear. We saw the aurora from the town..”
“Really?” Ok now I'm really gonna cry.
“Where you come from?”
“Italy. Naples.”
“Oh beautiful. I've never been there. How is the weather now there?”
Don't ask this to me know..
“Have you ever been in Italy?” I've asked him.
“In Rome once. Beautiful. But I watch a lot of Italian football. You know Halfredsson, he plays in Italy?”
“Oh yeah, nice player.”
“Come with me. I offer you a coffee.” So I followed him in the back of the shop. “If you need there's a toilette there.”
“Thank you so much!” I answered full of joy. Only God knows how much I needed it. So after that we started talking.
“I heard Iceland probably is gonna be in the World Cup for the first time..”
“Yes we're excited.”
In one of the furthest north city of the world, very early in the morning in a ghost town, I felt home talking with this man about football like in a pub with my best friends. And after that conversation it's been one of the most beautiful days of my life.

P.S. “We will amaze in the world cup” he t

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