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Travel Writing 2017 Application

I Found me – ‘A jouney to myself’ 2017

A place I’ll never forget

Arnav Gupta


God! I forget my gadgets. Let them stay at home for this journey. It was June 30, a rainy day of the Summer. Just a day before, i had decided to travel alone to Mumbai, 1056 miles away from my hometown. Those who can't afford an Air ticket, it takes them '32 hours & 35 stations' to reach there. I hadn't booked any seat, so i had to bought a general ticket. Oh man! I screamed out by seeing the insane crowd in the general coach. I stealthily aboard the sleeper coach, without letting knew by the train inspector. And from there my journey had begun. The ticket collector found me hidding & asked for money as bribe. I had to bribe him to let myself travel. I sat outside a toilet on the floor, where stench of the human waste was most unbearable and unimaginable. I kept sitting, by passing my time scribbling on the walls & slept for few hours. At every station, i wanted to leave the train and get back to home but then i would have been a loser like always. I made some friends, who helped me suffer less. I had choosed to travel, to know myself. I was in depression & dilemmas since last 3 years.
Finally, after two nights of suffering, on July 2, i was in Mumbai. My fellow friend from train helped me to get a room in a Sikh Temple for free. That day for the first time, i saw an Ocean. I always had a dream of walking alongside an Ocean. I can still feel that breeze, that voices & love which i always wanted to feel. I got victory over my depression that day. Certainly, i started feeling that soon my life was going to change.
I visited some slum areas & red light areas to see the black side of this rich city. I travelled all the places through local trains without any ticket. I met a guy who taught me some life lessons that how life should be lived. July 4, i had already booked a ticket to back. But wait! Do i had learnt enough? My train got cancelled as there was an accident on the track. I decided to travel in parts, through buses & trains. After travelling for 13 hours in a bus I reached Surat, where some defaulters cheated on me by giving a 500 Ruppee ticket for Delhi at a price of 2200 Ruppees. This was my life's best lesson that don't haste when you are already late & never trust a person wholly. An old lady supported me & taught me to be witty and clever in any situation. On my way back, i met a police officer, a navy officer, a young lady & a man, who taught me different life lessons by sharing their life's best experience. Those teachings helped me in knowing myself more & more. At end, I had found myself.

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