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Travel Writing 2017 Application

Letter for my past self. 2017

Out of my comfort zone

Maria Julia Carballido


Hi there! Hey, it´s ok to cry, it helps but stand up and go outside. The park round the corner it´s a good place to read this. On the way breath, breath deep, and feel the wind in your face…
Better right? Ok, are you sitting now? Here I go…
I´m a very close friend of you, we met some time ago, then we lost contact. But don´t worry, we are gonna meet again soon.
I wanna tell you that is normal to feel confused sometimes. You are not the only one with all this thoughts on your mind. Maybe someone of your family, your best friend, or even the person next to you could be asking the same questions themself.
Relax, enjoy your present, learn from this stage of your life. Things can change, and this can happen from one minute to other. Sounds scary but sometimes that´s the only way that life have to show us how capable we are. The positive side of this situations is that makes us stronger every time. You are a resilient girl, so you can handdle it.
Be confident, you can have whatever you want. Never stop dreaming, even when you´re awake. Stop thinking it´s not normal coz What´s normal anyway? Believe and trust yourself, keep being positive and smile no matter what.
Remember your teenage dream? You already finish highschool and even the uni. I know you decided to take a different path and have different goals now. And that´s ok, but don´t think it´s late for comply your life dream. Is never late. A 27 years old girl is telling you this.
I used to feel the same way as you do now. Used to had everything but still don´t felt happy. I left that confort zone looking for my happiness. And guess what…I´m living my dream of travelling the world now! If I tell you all the things I lived the past year you wouldn´t belive me. I experienced so much, met so many people on my way, interacted with other cultures, discovered other traditions, tasted amazing food, taught and learned so much and walked around places that I´d never imagine before. I wouldn´t change anything. Not even the feeling of being lost. Coz the questions you´re asking yourself now are the ones that are gonna bring you here, with me.
Don´t be afraid, we are where we want to be. Still discovering ourself but enjoying the way.

A huge hug from your future self.

PS. A few days ago you watched the film ´PS I love you´, and you thought one day you´ll be there. Well girl, you´re writing from Ireland now! Keep dreaming.

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