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Travel Writing 2017 Application

Mademoiselle, you are very pretty. 2017

Out of my comfort zone

Julie Brough


I finally made it to my host family’s house. It has been quite a long three days!

The rest of my travels went rather well and I even got to use my Chinese in the Warsaw airport. (The guy looked at me like I was insane, but responded.) To my pleasant surprise I got my suitcase and made it out of the airport with little difficulty. If you have ever been to the Paris airport, you will probably know what I am talking about but they have these walkways that look like escalators but are flat and go up and down slopes to get you to your terminal and they go VERY fast and I may or may not have knocked over the kid in front of me on a down slope. My bad.

I thought I missed customs because no one ever told me or had a sign that said customs but apparently I went through them in Poland. They didn’t even scan my bag. Oh well.

To my pleasant surprise my French seemed to come pretty easily to me and the local Parisians could understand my questions. The taxi drivers were hassling me in a very cute French way saying, “young woman, young woman I can be your driver.” But I responded “non non Monsieur” and he quickly switched to French and helped me find where my shuttle was.
Driver: 0 Julie: 1

The bus driver was also surprised at my French and was very eager to help me, which was nice because I had absolutely no idea where I was going. All in all I found my hotel and it only looked like someone had died on the carpet a little, but the lobby and everywhere else was very nice. I ended my day locked in my room and watched soccer while eating chips because that’s what you are supposed to do your first night in Paris.

Today I woke up and got going to try to find my train which took longer than expected but not too long. I could not for the life of me maneuver the train schedule so I went to information to find a fifteen minute line and a very cute information desk worker who kept eyeing me from behind the glass. I figured I could use this to my advantage and he waved my pretty little self right up to the front of the line! I asked for help in my cutest French and used my American smile and got what I needed. He said “mademoiselle you are very pretty” and I said “merci” and that was that.
Did I use him? Yes. Am I proud of it? Absolutely. Was it fun? Very much so.

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